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Christmas Gift ideas, Birthday present ideas...

You could not find a more unique and unusual Christmas present or Birthday present for your loved one, an English Title. Fancy seeing their face on Christmas morning or the morning of their Birthday when they discover they are now a Lord or Lady. Or maybe a Sir, Baron or Duke. A Noble Title would make the most unique Christmas or Birthday gift for anyone!

Dear Sir, Several years ago I purchased a title from yourselves. As you say, it is the best two hundred pounds I have ever spent. .... my Lordship made a fantastic holiday for the children when we took them to disney... Kind regards Lord J - UK - September 2012

  • Since 1998 we at Elite Titles have supplied English Titles like Lord, Lady and Sir to clients worldwide.

  • Let TWENTY THREE years of testimonials prove we really care and try our hardest!

  • This is your opportunity to join the "Elite" and be the envy of your friends and colleagues!

  • Elite Titles provide effective legal Titles (English and Continental) to clients all around the World.
  • You too can obtain a Title and receive "V.I.P" treatment wherever you go!
  • If you would enjoy a VIP experience and being in a privileged World then please read on...

And what a GREAT gift!!... For the man or lady in your life (or even a colleague), a Title makes a great gift for any occasion all year round.

Choose from the following:

Lord Lady

We can facilitate most Titles - English, Continental etc.

Single title £195 or a pair £299

Please ask if the Title you require is not shown.

Baron Baroness
Earl/Count Countess
Viscount Viscountess
Marquis Marchioness
Duke Duchess
Sir, Dame And more


Elite Title package
Seated Title package
Elite Title Deed, Guidance Notes and Certificates Seated Title Deed, Land Registry documents, Certificate and Guidance notes

These Titles are sold by private sale on a first come first served basis.
Purchase your Title NOW!

These Non-Inheritable Titles effectively change your Title for the rest of your life. The Title service provides you with a unique and desirable, legal Title to add to your name. You can change your driving licence, passport, credit cards, bank accounts, club memberships, etc to show your new title. Get a FREE reoprt now!

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How Is It Possible?

"Effective" Titles are possible by using a legally recognised "Deed" (written in English), e.g. Allowing Mr John Smith to become known as Sir John Smith, or Lord John Smith etc... Sounds good doesn't it?

Under International and English Law: "You have the right to call yourself, and be known as anything you like" provided there is no fraudulent intention in the process of any such changes to a person's identity.

There are several legal processes which can achieve such a result. This process involves numerous checks and research to ensure, where humanly possible that there is not an existing person with a similar Title granted by Royalty, Government, or Inherited by birthright. Obviously, one would not wish to cause upset or distress to that person. Clearly this imposes a limit on the number of effective Titles which can be sold, as there can be no duplication.

For a Christmas present or Birthday present you could not find a more unique or personal gift!

We would be delighted to serve you.



Discover The 7 Life Changing Reasons Why You Should Buy A "Title"
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Disclaimer: These effective Titles are not to be mistaken for real Titles (bestowed by the State, etc)
or used for any fraudulent means.

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